Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29 th July 2008 Updates

Dear Partners........

We are at the last stage of land clearing and trees cutting......about 15 palm oil trees has to be cutted for this project....after discussed with the land owner . The agreement has been signed and the deposit of the rental has been paid to the land owner.

Lets me share the pics...

the red colored rod will be our benchmark for the pictures taken

Target tree!!


trees cutting......

can you imagine what's next!!

Ok see you guys next week.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Land Clearing/ Trimming Trees

Date: July 14th

See the differences!!

look cleaner!!

poor leaves......

See you guys on the next post.....cheers

Phoenix Agri - The Beginning

Dear Beloved Partners.....

The reason i am creating this blog is to update you guys time to time the development of our Phoenix Agri Sdn Bhd's farm in Klang...... Its easier !! Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

Date : 15th June 2008

Purely bush!!

Side angle

Nothing much I can explain...only this place is not bad as mine before. Very green, the level of oxygen and wind is high and suitable for the ventures!!!